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Holla at a playa!

Oooh, fun. So tonight I was really tired from this week, but I decided to go to this fundraiser thing, which was awesome. It was the "Drag Kings" and the "Athenian Nights Bellydancers" and they had a contest to see who could raise more tips. Apparently the drag kings are really good, but they didnt really dance or perform just begged for tips, but Im thinking of going to see their show tomorrow night.

Ok, so this one guy, Diego goes up, and yeah, Diego's hot. Diego's currently in transition from being a girl which is prolly what makes him so hot cuz he's getting man-shoulders, but is def a pretty-boy, lol. Def interesting experience--I got a kiss on the hand for my dollar. He basically just went up, sat on this stool, then got up and the dollar bills just piled up around him, because he's universally hot--even some of the (few) straight guys there thought he was cute. Okay, lol.

What was also nice is that being surrounded by gay girls and guys but being a straight girl, I didn't have to worry about fending off any random drunk people hitting on me. Not that anyone was paying any attention to me--the performers were def quite captivating enough--but thats happened to me at a couple parties I've been at, and its no fun if you're just not interested cause you're already in love with the perfect boy. Yay matty :)
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